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high arch. This foot on impact mitigation is not obvious, there is

 indicating a relatively high arch. This foot on impact mitigation is not obvious, there is enough buffer need a pair of shoes. The best choice for thicker   air max 1 soles, shock-absorbing function shoes padded soles have better flexibility to increase the range of motion of the foot, shoe can wrap the entire foot. The second: the middle of a wide foot footprints, footprints full, the feet will be printed on paper. This means you are flat feet, probably need a pair of shoes with good support. This should be chosen with the inner arch of the foot Special mat reinforced shoes. Upper can be higher, the inside of the heel usually plastic sheet to reduce varus of the foot. Third: Central has a great arc of footprints but not break, it looks like a "C" word. This leg of the most common 
sports shoes to choose taking cushioning and support force, generally based on sports to choose different types of shoes. Reminder: vamp vamp selection doorway should be soft, fit the foot, and toes, instep uniform pressure. In the toe bending activities, dorsal no tight Le sense. SHOES head movement should be thicker fabric, reinforcement, in sports can be a good toe protection. Conduct reverse foot more when confrontational movement, such air max 180 as soccer, basketball, etc., should be the front foot slightly tighten the upper to play a stabilizing role in preventing sports activities due to excessive grind toe blisters, blood blisters, or cause toe injury. Jogging, exercise and other less confrontational campaign, uppers can be more relaxed. In addition, a good sports shoes must have good permeability. Synthetic leather material sneakers uppers poor ventilation, wear a long time will cause foot discomfort, but also vulnerable to athlete's foot. Therefore, 
you should choose leather or canvas uppers for shoes material. On campus, the various brands of shoes has gone deep into consumer attitudes in students. According to the survey data, comfortable flat shoes are the most enthusiastic students shoes. Especially casual shoes, very popular with consumers demand simple and comfortable, Converse Converse canvas shoes flagship store is used to do a lot of students walking, playing and other activities most often when wearing shoes. In particular, the arrival of summer, was "off" for a semester student MM can finally some free activities, 


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