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t lost flexibility, softness and some good shoes, possibly in the

stick together, be able to play all the supporting role of the feet, so that the foot is more balanced force, but also to ensure the safety of the foot. "In theory, even at full load shoe shoes should be individualized depending on the curvature of the human foot is specially tailored so that it more targeted. However, due to high cost, full load shoe now on the market or unified production Therefore, when you feel the need to try on shoes and soles of the feet of the fit, select the fit most shoes. "in addition to a full load of shoes, in the selection of shoes, the shoes should also be considered for joint protection and flexibility harmonization. General upper relatively high sneakers for better protection of the joints, but it lost flexibility, softness and some good shoes, possibly in the  protection of the joints to be worse, which would be needed to carry out different sports comprehensive Evaluation. 3. sneakers freshman code more secure? "Buying sneakers should buy a bigger size, so stay out of space to stretch the space left foot movement." The people Ms. Wang in the selection of sports shoes, the service who introduced her to this. But after she listened to disagree, "air max 90 hyperfuse  sneakers not Genjiao not occur more easily in motion sprain it?" The number of sports shoes how to choose it? Doctors believe that in the selection of the number, do not have to choose freshman yards because the number is too large, really worried about the situation, Ms. Wang will appear. Be sure to try on a pair of shoes myself, trying on if there is going to change the feeling of the feet freshman yards or half a yard, because the movement of human blood circulation becomes faster, increase blood supply to the foot, the foot will become a little more than usual in  older, this time  air max classic bw the foot hoop shoes tightly, will have serious discomfort. In addition, when you try, it is best to wear sports may often wear thick socks. Depth: wet foot test about their foot shape style, price, brand, type of sports shoes are selected factors, but the most important thing is to know your own foot shape what. Experts Australia Athletic Association recommended a "wet foot test" method by which you can determine your foot shape, know their own type of sneakers. "Wet foot test" is very simple, with wet feet on the paper, and then observe your imprint left, generally three ways: first: midfoot imprint left few footprints very narrow, almost break, foot bow great interior space. Such a step usually looks like your heel and forefoot are not connected together,


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