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more secure, before climbing out, digging wild when wearing.

 next to the ground, can be more secure, before climbing out, digging wild when wearing. "" usually can often encounter some elderly, like to wear out on a small base particularly thin shoes, when they feel this thin-soled shoes and ground contact, grip feel better, walk more secure. in fact, from the kinematics of view, this shoe the foot  nike flyknit air max of a small protective effect. "Dalian Central Hospital Hand and Foot Surgery Dr. Zhang Tiehui told reporters, when people walking foot landing, the ground will produce weight 3 feet times more impact, if it is thin-soled shoes, these impact must be borne by the foot joints, over time, will naturally cause chronic damage to the joints of the foot, and once more in the running landing force, foot suffered acute injury is more serious.
 Especially for middle-aged women who are already prone to osteopenia, osteoporosis, brittle bones, and therefore need specialized pair of shoes to wear during exercise in order to achieve the protection of the foot. 2. Test the most suited to their full load of shoes for our usual choice of shoes, most of them focus on its style, wear comfortable fit that you feel it. However, if participation in sports, you can not be too casual shoes, it is best to put on a pair of suitable shoes. However, many types of shoes available in the market, there are hiking shoes, running shoes, basketball shoes ...... how to choose the most suitable for their own shoes? Zhangtie Hui explained, and now the market does  air max thea have a wide variety of functional shoes, if economic conditions permit, 
of course the best is to choose different functions during different sports shoes, for example, at the sole general hiking shoes forefoot friction is relatively large, upward effect grip better when climbing, hiking and more secure; basketball shoes generally have high-top, hard ground, air, in the high-intensity exercise can protect the ankle, bouncing effect is better ...... However, for most people, when different types of movement can only prepare one or two pairs of shoes, this time to choose it is even more tricky up. Zhang Tiehui that the choice of sneakers first look inside the shoe that is close to the foot of a surface paste clothes, you should choose the kinematics of the "whole load of shoes." This full load inside the shoe near the foot of all sides and soles 


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