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hospital because there have been some improper movement

 brand exports have accounted for 40% of its exports. In addition, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian and other places, many light industry cluster development trend appears to achieve industrial upgrading. In Quanzhou, Fujian Province, for example, sports shoes and sneakers export delivery value of $ 3 billion years, ceramic resin crafts $ 400 million in exports. These clusters have a complete industrial chain and supporting the ability to play the economies of scale, the formation of a number of regional brands. "It should be noted, light industry transformation and upgrading of foreign trade is a long and arduous task, not overnight." Wenfeng Li said, "Next, we want to build a number of light industrial restructuring export demonstration area, foster a number of quality,
 technology , brands and services with a demonstration of effective export enterprises. Also, the establishment of a number of overseas marketing, demonstration sites, the ability to expand and improve the layout and international marketing network. "" From the Xinghai Square to the forest Zoo II this period, usually by car does not take 10 minutes, day turned suddenly opened 40 minutes, go for a walk on the road full of people. "citizen Cao told reporters last week that he went to the forest with his family to the zoo, I did not expect to catch up with big traffic jam. May, outdoor  air max 90 essential sunny, it is a good time to go exercise. However, the arrival of the peak, while people travel, Dalian major hospital because there have been some improper movement trauma patients. In fact, 
if you choose the right shoes, a lot of trauma is completely avoidable. By some estimates, wearing appropriate footwear exercise, can reduce the risk of injury by 30%. Well, the public in the selection of shoes, pay attention to what the problem? Yesterday, the reporter interviewed Dalian related sports medicine expert, professional advice for their consumers. 69-year-old Qian Lin just had joint replacement surgery, fracture of her right foot instep happened a week ago, "was on a walk in the park with a grandson, the  air max 95 child of a run, I quickly chase, suddenly stepped on a roadside drains, I heard a cry right foot Gaba, was not active. "Qian Lin told reporters that she was wearing a pair of little shoes," usually go out wearing it, I felt that the soles of shoes